Who is Alessandra Gucci?Learn more about Alessandra Gucci and her wiki, age, Net worth and other details!

Alessandra Gucci is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, celebrity child and media face. Daughter of the popular Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci – who is the head of the Gucci fashion house. She, and her sister Allegra Gucci have decided to stay away from their mother Patricia who was the mastermind behind her father’s murder.

It should be remembered that her father was killed by the hitmen hired by her mother on 27th March 1995. Patrizia was sent to the prison subsequent to the murder. Alessandra has established her own handbags collection in Germany. Besides being the entrepreneur herself just like her father, she has also been a social media entrepreneur.

Let us learn more about her age, biography and other details and find more about her.

Alessandra Gucci – Wiki and Biography

The birth year of Alessandra Gucci is not known. it has been known that she was born in 1977. She has a nationality of Italy. Aged 44 years, she is currently residing in Switzerland with her family. Alessandra was 18 years old when her father was killed by her own mother. She is the first daughter of Maurizio Gucci.

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Even when she was quite close to her mother, she lost all her feelings for her when the mother was arrested soon after the murder of her father. Shee decided to sever her relationship with her mother and all the members of the Gucci family.

Alessandra Gucci – Bio

Real nameAlessandra Gucci
Date of Birth 1977 ( exact date and month not known)
Nationality Italy
Currently residing in Switzerland
Profession media face, social media influencer, entrepreneur, celebrity child, fashion designer
Religion Christianity
Education Graduation
Net worth USD 350 to 400 million (combined with Allegra Gucci)
Alessandra Gucci Bio

Alessandra Gucci – Family

Alessandra is the eldest daughter of the family. She is the daughter of Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani. Her father was a businessman and the head of the popular Gucci family. Her mother is a popular Italian socialite. Maurizio was the last head of the Gucci family and was murdered by the henchmen hired by his own wife in 1995.

She has a younger sister named Allegra Gucci. Allegra is an advocate by profession. The ethnicity of Alessandra is White and she follows Christianity as her primary faith.

Alessandra Gucci is married and settled down in Switzerland. Not much information is available about her husband and chidden as yet. Alessandra Gucci is pretty, talented and a popular women, but she prefers to stay away from the limelight.

She is happily married and stays in Switzerland. But no details of any nature are available about her personal life.

Aleesandra Gucci – The parents and siblings

Father Maurizio Gucci
Mother Patrizia Reggiani
Brother None
Sister Allegra Gucci
Maternal grand parents Silvana Barbieri and Ferdinando Reggiani
Paternal grand parents Rodolfo Gucci and Sandra Ravel
Great Grand parents Guccio Gucci and Aida Gucci

Alessandra Gucci – Personal and Physical Appearance

Hair color Brown
Height 5 feet 8 inch (173 cm)
Weight 53 Kgs or 116 pounds
Length of the hair Medium
Piercing Ears
Eye color Brown
Tattoos No
Vital statistics 34-26-35
Shoe size US 6

Murder of Maurizio Gucci – Father of Alessandra Gucci

Maurizio Gucci decided to divorce his wife Patrizia Reggiani (mother of Alessandra and Allegra Gucci) in 1994. As an alimony, Maurizio agreed to pay Patrizia more than one million dollars per year. However, within an year, in 1995 Patrizia had Marizio killed by hiring hitmen.

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In 1997, Patrizia was found guilty of plotting the murder of her ex-husbands and was sentenced to 29 years in prison.

The filmmaker Ridley Scott made a movie named House of Gucci in 2021 on the murder of Maurizio Gucci.

Alessandra Gucci – Career and Entrepreneurship

Just like her father, Alessandra Gucci decided to enter the business arena. She cut off all her relations with the mother and other members of the Gucci family and went to live all by herself in Switzerland.

She launched her own brand of handbags in 2008. Named AG Limited Editions, the handbags brand could achieve a huge name for itself. She provides you access to the best quality handbags for her customers. Her handbag brand is available all across the globe. All the handbags available under her brand are designed by Alessandra herself and she has established herself as the best fashion designer. Her efforts in making her brand a huge success are well-known and well proven.

Alessandra Gucci – Husband and children

Marital Status Married
Husband / Spouse Name not known
Children Name not known
Date of marriage Not yet updated
Children Names not known

Alessandra Gucci – Net Worth

Alessandra Gucci is the heiress to the entire property owned by her father. She shares this property with her sister Allegra Gucci. She also has a few properties in Saint Moritz, Milan and New York. She also received a few yachts named Creole and Avel. The two yachts are worthy of several million dollars.

She has inherited a good sum of her father’s property. You can understand the level of her income from her lavish lifestyle. As peer a few reports, the net worth of the property she owns (along with her sister Allegra Gucci) stands at around USD 350 to 400.

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Alessandra Gucci – Social Media links

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/allegragucci_official/
Facebook Not known
Twitter Not known
Wikipedia Not known
IMdb Not Known

Alessandra Gucci – A few lesser-known facts

  • Alessandra Gucci loves traveling a lot
  • Alessandra Gucci does not have many social media accounts or profiles
  • She is a die-hard animal lover
  • She is stated to have a degree in Economics

Alessandra Gucci – A few FAQs

Who is Alessandra Gucci?

Alessandra Gucci is the eldest daughter of Maurizio Gucci who is an Italian businessman and the head of the Gucci fashion brand. She is also a fashion designer, media face, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and celebrity child all combined into one.

When was Alessandra Gucci born?

Alessandra was born in 1977 in Italy. The exact date and month of her birth is not known. After the death of her father, Maurizio Gucci, she has decided to stay away from the limelight and that has further made her life away from the public glare.

How was Alessandra Gucci’s father killed?

The father of Alessandra Gucci was Maurizio Gucci who was the head of the Gucci fashion brand. He was murdered by the hitmen hired by his own wife ( mother of Alessandra Gucci) Patrizia Reggiani in 1995. Patrizia was subsequently found to be guilty of plotting the murder and was sentenced to 29 years in prison.

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