The name Livvy Dunne brings a smile to the face of anyone who follows the realm of Gymnastics in today’s era. She is an American-born gymnast who has been a member of the USA national team and thus she was usually referred to as Livvy Dunne USA national team member. As per the latest records, currently she is playing as a member of the prestigious LSU Tiger Women’s Gymnastics team which is now called as LSU Livvy Dunne.

Additionally, one may also recognize her from the Livvy Dunne social media accounts over which she is a very popular personality.

Livvy Dunne Personal Information 

Her full name is Olivia Paige “Livvy” Dunne. Livvy is her nickname, which she uses quite often when referring to herself. She was born in the year 2002 in Westwood, New Jersey but was raised in Hillsdale, which happens to be in the northern portion of Bergen County in the US state of New Jersey. So, Livvy Dunne’s age is 22 years in the year 2024. She follows Christianity in terms of her religious beliefs. Since she was born in October, her zodiac sign is Libra. Her last known residency was in Baton Rouge at the time this was being written. It happens to be the capital of the US state of Louisiana and has developed as a culturally rich center in its rights.

Livvy Dunne Physical Features 

If we delve into her physical statistics, they are very sharp considering her chosen profession of being an artistic gymnast and a celebrated social media influencer. Her height is 5ft 6.25in, which is around 168 centimeters. Her weight is 55 Kg or 121 pounds as recorded and her hair colour is blonde. The colour of her natural eyes is hazel which makes her very beautiful as well.

Livvy Dunne Early Life & Education 

She was born to working-class parents with their names being David Dunne and Katherine. She was the youngest in the family and had a happy childhood altogether. She had the company of her older sibling Juliana while growing up who also happens to be a sportsperson and excels in the game of softball. Both sisters attended the high school gymnastics team at Pascack Valley High School.

Sneak Peek into her Parents 

Livvy Dunne’s parents are both natives of New Jersey who got married in the year 2000. Her mother Katherine Dunne, was a student of Rutgers University and is very proud of her daughters. She is adequately active on her social media handles and is often seen displaying her children’s achievements. David Dunne, who is her father, was an excellent player himself. He used to play as a punter for the Rutgers Scarlets and went on to become a highly successful attorney in his later years. Some of the biggest corporations were his clients when he was pursuing his legal career and he also has his firm named David M Dunne, ESQ LLC. He is a highly qualified professional with an MBA in International Business and Finance. Both her parents have shown constant support to Livvy throughout her life and she owes a lot to them already.

Nothing like Sister Bonding

Olivia shares an extraordinary bond with her older sister, Julianna Dunne, and often calls her the force behind her brand. She has been recorded as claiming that her sister does a lot of work behind the scenes due to which she has become a household name in the world of creative gymnastics today. Being a huge sports enthusiast and softball player herself, she regularly attends all the popular sports events with her younger sister and they both work together for a common brand. Being the older sister, she records and edits all the social media posts belonging to Livvy Dunne and stands behind her popular sister along with their mother, who regularly gives guidance to both of them. It can be safely mentioned that all of the Dunne family is the real reason behind Olivia’s wholesome success.

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Mother as the guiding light 

In addition to being supportive, the Dunne family has also helped her stay grounded despite her overwhelming success. Livvy has achieved a lot at such a young age and with her immense popularity also comes the burden of how to not become a victim to pride and highheadedness. With the spotlight on her every move, Katherine Dunne has been the person giving the much-needed reality check to her daughter at every step. In a recent interview, Katherine highlighted that “The most important thing is to try and just do normal things and have normal responsibilities.” 

She also suggested that an emerging prodigy like her daughter will be constantly getting a variety of advice from different people in her life. To handle this effectively, all rising stars should very carefully choose sensible people who would act as their confidantes throughout.

Golden words of advise 

These people will help the prodigy stay away from difficult situations and provide a strong backup when the going gets tough. Every rising star who is trying to make a name for herself will surely have good days and bad days. This becomes all the more true in the case of athletes or players participating in a highly competitive environment regularly. When such a person is surrounded by a close circle of loved ones, she never loses her confidence and steadily keeps moving ahead on the path of success. 

However, if he or she has chosen the company of the wrong people, their fate is most likely doomed. We have seen such examples quite often in the world of sports wherein highly capable people have diminished after a few rounds of successes and have fallen prey to vices which resulted in them having to not reach the career heights they were surely meant to reach. It was often observed that the main reason was because they started thinking of themselves as superstars and giving up their life of discipline after a few wins.

Gymnastics Career: Beginning as a child 

She started her gymnastics training at the tender age of 3 years in the year 2005 at the Eastern National Academy of Paramus club in New Jersey. At the age of 9, she entered the regional championships by competing with brilliant scores and began to be recognized as the child prodigy in the women’s gymnastics category. She made her actual elite debut at the age of 12 when she finished in the 28th position in the all-around American Classic in the year 2014. She next competed in the US classic, wherein she bettered her previous rank and came 12th in the all-around.

No looking back for Livvy Dunne 

After this, there was no looking back for her as she earned the top-10 ranks in floor and beam at both P&G Championships. The next year, in 2015, Livvy Dunne re-qualified for elite status at the WOGA Classic. There, she earned a qualifying score of 52.75 and achieved fifth place. Later in 2015, she also competed at the American Classic, where she finished eight and simultaneously qualified to compete at the 2015 National Championships. Her debut position in the National Championships was that of 25th rank, and by this time, Dunne’s mother decided that she should be homeschooled. In this way, she did not have to worry about fixed hours at school and could focus her energies on training with her earliest coach Craig Zappa at ENA Gymnastics. 

Turning points in 2016 and 2017: International Debut 

Olivia competed at the 2016 American Classic, where she finished 27th, after that in the U.S. Classic in the same year, she got a better position at 24th. The season for her was concluded at 12th position in the all-around. She also did well on the balance beam and in floor exercise categories, where she came eighth and sixth. In March 2017, she was selected to participate in the City of Jesolo Trophy. This was a significant victory for her since she got added to the National Team for the first time. She made her international debut there and got sixth position in the all-around category. In the 2017 U.S. Classic held in July, she finished in fifth rank, and later at the 2017 National Championships, she finished ninth position overall.

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Senior year of 2018: Physical Injury 

In 2018, the country of the United States of America did not send an official team, but Livvy Dunne represented her then-club at the 2018 City of Jesolo Trophy. Both senior and junior gymnasts were invited to Italy to participate in the Jesolo competition and Livvy had turned a senior in the year 2018. Her rank was 15th this time around, after which she was down with an ankle injury. Still, she managed to participate in the 2018 US Classic competition due to her sheer determination and willpower. However, this time, she competed only on uneven bars due to the injury and qualified to compete at the National Championships via a much-publicized petition.

A year of rest in 2019 

The world watched in anticipation as to what the future had in store for Olivia Dunne as she was forced to take a rest in the year 2019. She could not compete during the entire year but there was still a lot happening at her professional front. She finally signed the agreement to be part of the Louisiana State University because, in her words, ‘She loved the coaches, team, facilities and overall spirit at LSU’.Her chosen academic subject was communication studies.

2020: Official LSU Member 

The actual Livvy Dunne LSU game happened during the 2020-21 season after she officially joined after she became LSU Gymnast Livvy Dunne in 2020. Everyone’s queries were answered regarding ‘Does Livvy Dunne start for LSU’ when she competed on the uneven bars at every regular season meet. She qualified for the 2020 Nastia Liukin Cup after dropping down to Level 10 and she ended the season with being in 11th place. 

2021 was her superb comeback year 

She made her NCAA debut in a meet against Arkansas, scoring a superb score of 9.875. She entered the postseason with an NQS of 9.9 on bars. At the SEC Championships, she contributed being the major reason LSU was in the second position in the entire competition as she had an uneven bars score of 9.9. At the NCAA Championships semi-finals, she again scored 9.90 on bars, but unfortunately, LSU was not able to make it to the finals.

Sophomore Season of 2022 

In the next season, she again competed on the uneven bars that too in every regular-season meet. However, she also competed five times on the floor exercise. She matched her astonishing career-high rank of 9.925 on the uneven bars during the opening meet against Centenary. She did not stop there and ended up earning a score of 9.8 in her collegiate debut on the floor. At the SEC Championships, the uneven bars score of 9.875 and she completed it. However, LSU was forced to see a downfall at that time and finished in fifth place overall. 

At the NCAA regional semifinals, she contributed scores of 9.85 on uneven bars and 9.9 on floor exercise, which were both amazing individual statistics. Nonetheless, as is often seen in team sports, every member has to be equally good, which was not the case here. LSU suffered two very unfortunate falls on the balance beam and subsequently was eliminated from the postseason during the first round of regionals. This was a record failure in itself in the history of LSU as it failed to qualify for the national championship as a team for the first time since 2011.

Injuries and Sufferings Continued 

We should all learn a lesson from this young athlete called Livvy Dunne on how to never give up on your goals. Most people would not be able to make a comeback after suffering one injury after another, including two torn labrums, a torn biceps, and a stress reaction in her leg, but Livvy has a heart of steel. Despite several injuries, she appeared in four meets for the LSU Tigers, her current club. This is not all; she managed to record a season-high of 9.85 on bars and secured an average score of 9.788 on the event for the year.

Current State 

Dunne made her season debut in February 2024 against Alabama, scoring a 9.825 on the uneven bars after getting named to the Winter SEC Academic Honour Roll at the end of 2023. We know that she will keep on participating in all future competitions and making all her followers proud who do not doubt her extraordinary sporting spirit.

Let’s Focus On Livvy Dunne Social Media Journey 

We are in awe of the fact that despite being such a popular name in the world of women’s artistic gymnasts, Dunne has also created a name for herself as a major social media influencer. She has become the most-followed NCAA athlete, and the statistics do not lie. Already in her 20s, she has a huge fan base with 8 million followers on TikTok and close to 5 million on Instagram. You can get an idea from the fact that millions of people search for Livvy Dunne Tiktok regularly. People are constantly amazed by the hard work she puts into her gymnastics performances as she posts related videos on her social media pages.

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No dearth of Creativity 

Earlier, she posted only gymnastics-related content but then came a boatload of very creative Livvy Dunne Pics on all her social media accounts. The major reason is that in July 2021, the NCAA changed its rule and allowed its athletes to earn money under the NIL policy which was short for Name, image, and likeness. This opened the floodgates of creative posts and Livvy Dunne bagged the title of being the most popular in comparison to the other college athletes. Then came the influx of brand deals, which are continuing, and we are sure there will not be any dearth of promotional offers for the lovely Livvy Dunne shortly as well

Livvy Dunne Endorsement Deals in Abundance 

It is estimated that Livvy Dunne’s net worth is around USD 6 million as of now but no clear data is confirming the same. Her primary source of income, of course, remains her athletic career, but she also earns millions of dollars through endorsement deals. However, it began in August of 2021 and that’s when she announced that she had signed with WME Sports, Then, she became the first NIL athlete to do so. The very next month, she also made a public announcement stating that she has become the brand ambassador of the fitness wear brand called Vuori.

In the subsequent years, she bagged high-value deals, including brands like Grubhub, American Eagle Outfitters, Bodyarmour, and so on. In one of her interviews, she was quoted as confessing that her endorsement deals are close to the seven-figure number. In another, she revealed that she had received more than USD 500,000 for a single social media post. So, nobody can know Livvy Dunne’s net worth in actual terms but people can keep on speculating.

Livvy Dunne Relationship Status 

The big Livvy Dune boyfriend reveal was done by her on her Tiktok, which answered the rumor ‘Is Livvy Dunne dating Paul Skenes. Paul Skenes and Livvy Dunne first came into the limelight as a couple when, in August 2023, Paul gave an interview discussing his romantic involvement with Livvy DunnePaul and Livvy Dune have LSU Tigers to thank for as this was a common ground between them. An interesting fact to note is that both of them started dating since Paul’s best friend at LSU was dating Livvy’s roommate cum best friend at LSU.

Brief about Paul Skenes 

His full name is Paul David Skenes, and he was born in the same year as Livvy in 2002. Skenes grew up in California; his parents are Craig, an employee of a pharmaceutical company, and Karen, a homemaker in her rights. Professionally, Paul is an American baseball player in the Pittsburgh Pirates Organisation. During his college stint, he played for the Air Force Falcons and the LSU Tigers. His hometown is Orange County in California, and he went to El Toro High School. He comes from a respectable military family and he had enrolled in the United States Air Force Academy himself.

Rumors of Dating Life 

There have been constant rumors about the topic ‘Is Livvy Dunne Dating anyone?’ and many names have come up in this regard. Earlier, it was also reported that she is dating no one, but a few names like Josh Richard and Theo Millas came to the fore. Some ridiculous social media handles also claimed that Livvy Dunne dating baby Gronk, which is not true since baby Gronk, aka Madden San Miguel, is a young football player born in the year 2012. The rumors came to life only when there was a video posted on Tiktok in which they are seen meeting each other. The user said in the video that Livvy was the reason that Madden would have been convinced to join or rather commit to LSU. This video went viral, and finally, the user and then Madden’s father had to come up with a clarification confirming that they knew Olivia through mutual friends and it was all done with the purpose of initiating to build a brand for his young son.


We see a very bright future for Olivia Dunne aka Livvy in the field of both gymnastics and social media celebrity. It is refreshing to get to watch such amazing talent who are already stars in their own right. All thanks to the internet, you can reach millions of people at one go today and this has surely helped Olivia Dunne come a long way in her life both professionally and personally as well.

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