World’s Most Expensive Android Smartphone Sirin Solarin Launched @ $14,000

SOLARIN-Flat-Front-with-UI-and-Notification.0Providing rumors to an end, Israeli start-up Sirin Laboratories has formally revealed its high-end $14,000 (over Rs 9 lakh) Android operating system smart phone that guarantees chip-to-chip 256-bit security just like what the army uses to guard communications. the device called Solarin is triggered via a physical protection activate the back and was released on Wednesday at an event in London, uk, reported.

Dubbed as the ‘Rolls Royce of smartphones, Solarin features in Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, guarantees “far superior” Wi-Fi connection, has a 23.8MP back camera and a 5.5 inches IPS LED 2K quality screen.

Solarin guarantees “the most innovative comfort technology, currently not available outside the company world”, Sirin Laboratories has signed up with hands with interaction protection company KoolSpan.

High-class smart cellphone manufacturer Sirin to produce $20,000 smartphone
According to Sirin Laboratories, it wished to “create the most innovative cell cellphone that mixed the biggest comfort configurations, managed quicker than any other cellphone, built with the best materials from around the world.”
” Cyberattacks are native to the island across the world. This pattern is on the increase. Solarin is revolutionary new, uncompromising comfort actions to provide customers with greater assurance and the arrogance necessary to handle business-critical information,” Tal Cohen, CEO and cofounder of Sirin Laboratories, was estimated as saying.
“Every single design decision and material choice was based on efficiency and efficiency,” added Fredrik Oijer, vice chairman (products) at Sirin Laboratories.

m05-31_1511vlad-savov.0The system for the popular and wealthy is available at Sirin Labs’ first retail store outlet in Mayfair (34 Bruton Place), London, uk, from July 1 and at Harrods, Knightsbridge, from July 30.

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The luxury smart cellphone s is not a new pattern. In 2006, Htc released a $310,000 “Signature Cobra” system in 2006 and the $5,000 “Constellation” smart cellphone this year.
In 2012, Htc sold luxury-phone brand manufacturer Vertu. After making Htc , Vertu introduced its first Android operating system system “Vertu Ti” to market.



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