World’s Largest Doodles Made By Riding Bike With GPS




Stephen Lund cycling 70km/day, creating clever doodles using a GPS app that maps his progress. The BC, Canada native began his unusual craft in 2015 to unwind and be creative; since then, he’s logged 22,300km, and his longest piece has been a 220km mermaid.
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 Wicked Witch of the West Coast (85.9 km, 3 h 24 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-47__700

 Queen Victoria (15.7 km, 56 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-48__700


 Statue of David bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-49__700
      T-Rex terrorizes Beacon Hill Park (37.3 km, 1 h 43 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-51__700


T-Rex missing some teeth (39.4 km, 1 h 43 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-52__700

   Giraffe (95.5 km, 3 h 30 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-54__700


  Dopey stegosaurus tramples Fernwood (44.4 km, 1 h 56 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-56__700

    Bicycling bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-62__700

Alan’s Spirit Animal (26.3 km, 1 h 7 min)  bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-63__700


Enormous orca breaches from Strait of Juan de Fuca (33.2 km, 1 h 35 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-64__700

 Armadillo bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-65__700

Thug plucks a gator by the tail from the Salish sea (89.7 km, 3 h 50 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-67__700

The Mermaid of the Salish Sea (89.7 km, 4 h 13 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-69__700

   Strava Yoda (25.6 km, 1 h 25 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-74__700


Easter Bunny (75.5 km, 3 h 17 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-77__700

     Darth Vader (46.3 km, 2h 17 min)  bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-81__700


    Maze (76.7 km, 3 h 44 min) bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-431__700


    Rio’s “Christ the Redeemer” (25.8 km, 1 h 20 min)  bike-cycling-gps-doodle-stephen-lund-441

     Name Of My City: Eger (hungary) egerride-png__700



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