Who is Migaloo???


Recently a giant humpback white whale was appeared in the middle of the ocean. It had also seen much eagerness to know about this whale among the people. Now some interesting facts have been disclosed.

Rare humpback white whale was viewed between the Northern and Southern islands in Cook Strait and has been confirmed as Migaloo

Department of Conservation (DOC) officials said this Migaloo who appears like a snow rock, since 1991 till now often seen in the sea off eastern Australia.

According to reports the humpback whale was seen last year on 5th July.

 A skin sample of Migaloo was taken by the Oregon State University in the US.

According to reports DNA analysis matches with the genetic profiles of Migaloo.

Cook Strait whale survey leader Nadine Bott said Migaloo was seen first time outside Cook Strait water of New Zealand and sea off Australia.

He told “Migaloo being in New Zealand waters and the findings from our Cook Strait research supports that humpbacks seen off in eastern Australia also move through our waters and perhaps even more than we had thought”.

Well anyway, but this icy humpback white whale of course had become the subject of discussion among the people.

See next slide- to watch rare photos of Migaloo….

Rare humpback white whale Migaloo looks like this…

Migaloo-9 MIGALOO-1-792x400 MIGALOO-3-1121x400 MIGALOO-4 MIGALOO-6-640x400 MIGALOO-8-925x400 MIGALOO-10



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