WATCH: Video Of Man Teaching English Grammar Is Breaking The Internet

This video, being shared widely on Facebook, shows a man enthusiastically teaching grammar to a group. While you will find it difficult to get a match for his level of enthusiasm, what will leave you in splits is that he dances and sings while he teaches — matter-of-factly. As he sings, he encourages the others to repeat after him, which they do each time without fail.He starts off by singing: ‘You don’t, you don’t write a letter; they don’t, they don’t write a letter; he does not write a letter; she does not write a letter.’ He begins to teach present continuous tense, in the same manner, but not before he explained the tense in Hindi first, in a similar way. In the same entertaining manner, he goes on to teach present perfect and past indefinite tenses as well. Going by the glimpses we got, of the students in the video, they seem to be enjoying his class just as we are!



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