Using ‘Newspaper’ To Absorb Excessive Oil From Food- Can Be Cause For Cancer


If you are also using ‘newspaper’ to soak up the extra oil from fried foods now it is the time to be careful before using it. Let me tell you, using newspaper for wiping or absorbing oil from foods can lead to many diseases. If you are using this technique from a long time, then first of all change your habit and go for health check-up.
When you are using newspaper for soaking and wiping, the chemical that presents in the newspaper mix with the food and you may have serious health problem. We are here to tell you that because of your habit what type of diseases you may have-

Cancer –
Ink used in newspaper is very harmful. When it reaches the foods it increases the health related threats. There is also the chance of getting cancer.

Kidney and Lungs gets Infected –

Graphite is found in newspaper and when it reaches the body via foods then your body is unable to destroy toxic substances. In that case you may have lungs and kidney related problems.

What to use in place of Newspaper-

Tissue paper or kitchen paper can be used in place of newspaper for soaking or wiping oil from foods. It is the best option. Also you can use simple paper instead of newspaper.



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