True Love Never Changes With Time…Best Portrayed By These Pictures




Love has no expiry date and has no age limit. You and your love grow beautifully day by day when you have loved her/him as much as she/he has loved you. Those who love each other deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but their love still alive. You can count age by numbers but love is not limited to numbers as it is always renewing itself. Meaning of love – expressed beautifully by these lovely couples- as their love remains the same from the day they started loving each other.

Love for each other at the age of three – and get married ….
Love for each other at the age of three

After 70 years of marriage
Wedding day after 70 years1

Love, Smile, feeling still the same between Queen Elizabeth and Prince PhilipQueen Elizabeth And Prince Philip

Kissing each other on 60th anniversary celebration in the same way they kissed each other on their wedding day…
Kissing on wedding day and on 60th anniversary

After 20 years of marriage this lady celebrated her anniversary in the same wedding dress…
lady wearing the same dress after 20 years

After 20 years- cute Ring bearer and cute flower girl in this picture gets married.Ring Bearer and Flower Girl gets married after 20 years

Bond of togetherness in their whole life journey just portrayed in a single frame…
Portraying the whole life journey in one frame

Their love and passion for each other never changed as they changed their bike…The bike changed, their love and passion is still the same!

Love remains the same in these two phases of life, kids and AdultFrom kids to adults

Wearing same wedding dress after 45 YearsSame dress after 45 years

Love for each other when they first met at primary school and now they are married and blessed with a son…They met at primary school and now they are married and have a son
Loved each other as they loved their car…Couple with their lovely car

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This picture defines their love for each other and forever….Love remains the same. That's the beauty

Sharing their lovely moment while walking down the streets again..Walking down the streets again

Wearing same wedding dress in 2015 as she wore in 1971…beautiful and lovelyThe wedding dress still fits. From 1971 to 2015



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