The Story of Humanity” From Kerala of a Restaurant Are Getting Viral.


“The story of humanity” from Kerala of a restaurant are getting viral. Like to get it on social networking site Facebook are un- loading wildly and read it well and being seen. Kerala man in a hotel when hungry children fed humanity so wonderful seeing your tears will come. In fact, a person in Malappuram in Kerala came to dine at the restaurant that he saw 2 children gaze is looking at him. He attributed to their being hungry and in small children and called her sister. He ordered to bring food for both. Eating them until he touched the food. Both turned on baby food. Both looked like he was hungry for many days. During dinner they have neither seen nor spoken to anyone else. After the meal, he got up and went to both. After they eat your dinner and bring the bill to the man said. Clean hands and when he came back to the table to pay the bill, seeing his eyes became moist. The restaurant did not charge any of his food and wrote on the bill: “We do not have a machine to assess the value of humanity. Bless you. Facebook also pointed out that so and so has become viral on social media.



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