The Biggest Temple Festival in India, Kerala




Thrissur Pooram, the biggest temple festival in Kerala, at the Vadakkumnathan temple in Thrissur, India was on Sunday, April 17… participation of 30 caparisoned elephants accompanied by elinjithara melam (orchestra of musical instruments) and kudamattam (exhibition of colourful and crafted umbrellas atop elephants).. This is noted in the Guinness World Records as the largest Orchestral live performance World wide!!

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Thrissur Pooram (temple festival), Kerala, India.

"Processions from different temples converge at Vadakkunnathan Temple for the Thrissur Pooram, on Wednesday. PTI photo" *** Local Caption *** "B-77,  TRICHUR-160401, APRIL 16, 2008:  Trichur: Small Poorams coming to the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Trichur on Wednesday, from various places in connection with Thrissur Pooramon. PTI Photo *** Local Caption ***"


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Thrissur: 'Thechikottukavu Ramachandran' to open the door of the southern gopuram of the Vadakkumnathan temple to formally announce the beginning of the Thrissur Pooram on Saturday.   PTI Photo (PTI4_16_2016_000215B)



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