Telescope: Story About Magic Eye




Can you imagine about the viewing of enlarged view of planets from earth. Yes now we can. It is out of our imagination that brilliant Yashwant Khatri who is a student of M.Sc. [Gadawal Central University Srinagar, Gadawal] has changed our imagination into the real facts.

The case of invention of high powered telescope by Yashwant Khatri is just like eyes of Sanjay of Mahabharata. Sanjay had narrated the live status to King Dhratrashtra about all the events of war among Kaurav and Pandvas warriors. In other hand we can say the telescope is like Divya Eyes.


Yashwant wanted to see tiny stars and planets in much enlarged view from the earth.

During his visit of Science workshop organized in Anand Bhawan, Allahabad in last January, Yashwant Khatri got an idea for manufacturing a high power telescope



He started manufacturing the telescope by arranging various parts like its concave / convex lenses by crown glass, mirrors, aluminiuum linings, eye piece etc.

He assembled all the required parts into a wooden / steel box in this manner that focal adjusting part can move to adjust the focal length to focus the object for clear and enlarged vision. Finally he got succeed to manufacturing a high powered telescope.


As per Dr. Ravi Kiran [Dy. Director, Jawahar Planetarium, Allahabad], excellent work done by Yashwant. By this telescope even the internal surface of the Moon and the Jupiter can be seen very clearly and largely. This work done in very few days and in economic way. This is certainly a motivational work for the students and scientist working in the field of science.

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