Spider Excavator – Specific Type Of All-Terrain Excavator

spider excavator

The All-Terrain Spider Excavator types of machine effectively works for the site preparation and debris removal especially near or in streams and where ever other heavy earth movers cannot reach. One use of a these type of machine involved bunching loads for heavy-lift items on steep terrain. This resulted in significant increases the use of this machine.

spider excavator - All-Terrain Spider

All Terrain Spider Excavator efficiently works on deep and up to elevated degree angle slopes and use in harvesting is claimed to be more robust. Area for clearing vegetation with a circular saw attachment one possible use for this kind of machine, which has been tested for bunching extraction also. The concept of bunching for extraction is not new, and has been used successfully in ground-based operations equipped with shatterproof glass and protective guard-rails and possibly provided with a more powerful engine. This is especially true for cable logging systems, as the harvester works close to the line and may be subject to greater risks from flying objects. A special consideration was given to the idea of using these types of machines to clear the chute under the hauler since they have the advantage over regular excavators of being able to position themselves safely on a wide variety of terrain features. The wide and heavy tyres and other equipment like arms, shafts and fork, heavy anchor, long shoot and capabilities in heavy tonnage lifting is an added feature. These machine can be used to work in any type of location of sloppy, uneven, sharp angle or acute angle of earth excavation / lifting / moving of heavy material in a speedy movement. The other main features in most of machines are:-

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spider excavator - Terrain Spider

– Bio-degradable oil
– Telescopic dipper T2
– Quick hitch circuit
– Power tilt hitch
– Hydraulic mountain claws
– Hydraulic preparation for safety winch
– ‘Power line’ high-flow auxiliary pump – run those large attachments with ease!
– Differential lock
– FOPS and lighting system
– Equipment for heavy lifting
– Road equipment
– Mountain claws
– Forestry tyres
– Four auxiliary circuits
– Right and left side pressure/return
– Panoramic window
– Rear view camera
-A great, high-capacity machine with huge flow and power, ideal for mulching, harvesting, shearing or digging. Excellent condition for age.
– Quick-hitch circuit
– Air sprung seat with 5 point harness
These all feature makes the All-Terrain Spider Excavator as all-rounder heavy earth mover machine.

All-Terrain spider excavator




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