Tips For Skin And Hair Benefits Of Eggs


Eggs has so many components like protein , vitamins , essential fatty acids and antioxidants which provide nourishment to our skin and make our hair look healthier.

Egg white – a very good ingredient for Skin Tightening , Oil-Blotting , Whitehead Remover, e.t.c.

Egg – a very good ingredient which can be used for removing unwanted facial hair without waxing.

There are many methods ,available in the market to remove facial hair such as shaving , laser treatment and waxing. They may be harmful to us in many ways ..(a)painful (b) time consuming (c) cause damage to the skin. The best method to remove facial hair – are home remedies- easily available and without any side effects.

For dry and brittle hair, for hair loss, for dry hair, for flaky scalp, for dandruff – there are egg packs for all these issues.

Eggs help to protect our bones, nails, prevent cataracts and protect eye sight, promote brain health, promote weight loss.


Benefits of Egg

To reduce the facial hair -Such women having abnormal hair growth on their face, with the help of the white part of the egg can remove it naturally. Take the white part of the egg in a bowl and with the help of brush apply it on the entire face. Now cut tissue paper to the size of your eyes and lips and then with the help of the brush apply white portion and then paste tissue on your face. when it is completely dry , slowly remove tissue from the face. After you do that, you will feel that all facials hair present on your face disappear.

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To tight the Pores– Interesting properties of this part helps reduce enlarged pores. Take a tablespoon egg white in a bowl and squeeze the lemon juice well. Now put it on your face and wash off after 15 minutes and then with the help of a towel and wipe the face well.Apply twice in a week and your skin will feel the tightness itself automatically.

To reduce in facial oil – If your skin is oily, there is no better way then this to get rid of this problem . You just need the egg white part. Place it on your face and wash it when it is dry. And of course, don’t forget to wash your face even before use.

To reduce the acne– Oily skin is also a cause of acne, so if you control your face Oilines ,you will take control of the acne problem and it will be reduced automatically. Keep in mind that never apply white portion using brush on acne . In place of reducing the problem of acne, it will rise ,use cotton or fingers to apply white portion.

Bring shine to hair– Take the white part of the egg in a bowl and let it thoroughly beaten. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in it now and then apply it in your hair.  Wear a shower cap before applying it to your hair, the mixture will not fall down. When it’s dry, wash the hair.After one or two use you will see a new shine in your hair.

Excellent treatment for Oily hair Many of us are upset with the oily hair. But now you do not have to worry too much because we have terrific way to get rid of .white part of the egg, by tightening the hair Folikals helps reducing excess sebum present in the hair. Keep it on the hair for 15-20 minutes and then shampoo.

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To reduce the Puffines Apply the white part of the egg underneath the eyes, with the help of your fingers. Now gently massage it and then wash it when it’s dry. Then do not forget to apply coconut oil. At the moment, Puffines just disappear.

Bring rid of wrinkles As mentioned , the white part of the egg brings tension to the skin so it is helpful in getting rid of the problem of wrinkles. Once a week apply egg white face mask, use or take this white portion into a bowl and add lemon juice and Multani mud,prepare face Pack at home and apply. It will help unleash wrinkles problem forever.



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