She Learned to Love her Body and we Love her for that





‘My body has fluctuated by over 30 lbs over the last 12 years from health and life stressors (competing in figure competitions, being diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease and PCOS, losing my Father unexpectedly to pneumonia, etc) and no matter what my body looked like between 152 lbs. and 185 lbs., I wished it looked differently, ’ she wrote in a Facebook post. ‘I always thought if I could just get “there” then “there” would be enough. If I could just:
…lose 10 lbs.
…have leaner legs.
…lose a clothing size.
THEN I would be enough.1662087_802956603161085_8974544579652936525_nBut when I did those things, when I got “there,” it still wasn’t enough. It’s impossible and exhausting, and every time we achieve a level of beauty we believe we will be happy with, we are presented with a new set of rules and standards to live up to. The solution isn’t ‘not valuing beauty’ but rather, expanding its definition to include us.’



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