Scientific Effects of Gold and Silver Ornaments




The shinning effect of Gold and Silver attracts every person towards it, mostly women. Indian women are very fond of wearing all sorts of ornaments made from gold and silver. Especially, in Hindu marriage woman wear all types of ornaments made up of gold and silver like Ring, Bangles, Earrings, Mangalsutra, Toe-ring, Payal(Bracelets) e.t.c. Even our Vedic idols are decorated or sculptured with ornaments, which shows that there is a lot to it by just wearing it. Gold market statistics show that major share of the gold products in the world is bought by Indians. The modern trend is reversing and people are on the look for rationale meaning to the ancient custom and traditions of Hindu, Indian and Vedic Era. Gold and silver are expensive but still, fashion for ornaments and jewels remains the same all over the globe

The wonderful qualities of gold explain why many years ago people choose this metal for making wedding rings. Gold stimulates the energy flow delivering energy to the urogenital system. And thanks to the anti-inflammatory action of silver people began to make dishes, spoons and forks of silver to be less open to infections.

According to scientific principles, silver reacts well with the Earth’s energy, while gold reacts well with the body’s energy and aura. That is why, silver is worn as anklets or toe rings while gold are used to adorn the upper parts of the body. Each part of human body is divided into- upper level and lower level and the importance of wearing gold or silver ornaments will benefits accordingly. Each and every ornaments used, somehow connects with human anatomy and functions.

Gold and Silver Ornaments- importance of wearing:



Gold rings are normally worn by men and women during marriages. But many people also wear ring with any particular gem and stone as suggested by an astrologer, to purify mind, body and soul. It is widely believed from ancient times that each finger has its significance on each part of one’s body and the brain. Thumb believed to be connected to the brain neurons/nerves which stimulate the pleasure hormones and this finger is identified with planet Venus, The Goddess of Love. Index finger’s nerves are also connected to the brain, in its learning capacitor neurons. Middle finger’s nerve passes through the brain divider line and if any metallic friction is here, then the confusion is caused in the brain whether the signal given is from left or right side of the brain. the nerve passing through ring finger is evenly spread to the entire brain neuron cells and any frequent metallic friction caused in this finger is very good for one’s health. It also improves one’s general capacity in handling his/her life with ease and confidence. Little finger is identified with planet Mercury which controls the organs that is ruling the brain, thoughts and thinking.

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From childhood days Hindu girls are given this ornament. Earrings actually have a very beneficial function. In ancient China, earrings developed for health purposes rather than female embellishment purposes, stemming from the result of acupuncture of the ear. The father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, wrote about ear piercing and earring wearing around 470 B.C. as a remedy and treatment for menstrual problems. Earrings are mostly made of Gold with innumerable designs and fashions, some in Gold with stones and some with plain Gold designs.


Nose ring


Nose ring removes almost all problems related to Sun, Mercury and Moon. It also stops problems with sinuse, breathing, and throat. People who are cowards should also wear nose ring. Donating a nose ring gets rid of problems related to women.

Mangalsutra (Necklace)


In the Hindu culture & tradition, and for every married woman, the mangalsutra holds an important place. Hindu women hold the mangalsutra, to be a very significant bond with their husband; it is just similar to the wedding rings in western countries. This regularizes a woman’s blood circulation. This is also said to control the body pressure levels to a maximum extent.

Maang tika


Wearing a tikka on the forehead helps improve focus and increases mental energy; if people who’re fearful or suffer from anxiety should wear a tikka made of Gold. Maang Tika is said to control the heat of our body. This gorgeous hair accessory is held by a hook at the centre parting of the hair, with the pendant falling on the centre of the forehead.

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The round shape of bangles does not allow the energy to escape and that is why the electricity passing out through the skin is again reverted to one’s own body. Glass bangles are preferred over plastic bangles. Glass bangles have Sattvikta, Devi principle and Chaitanya in them. Due to these, Chaitanya-dominant waves in the environment are attracted to the glass bangles. In addition, the sound generated by the glass bangles keeps negative energies at bay. The Bangles used by women are normally in the wrist part of one’s hand and its constant friction increases the blood circulation level.


Kardhani (Waist Band)


Worn on the hip, this too is made of Silver, but the usage of this is not so common. It is particularly used to control women from getting fatter and to avoid flab in hip and pot belly. Wearing this made of gold removes problems with the womb. Also helps people who aren’t able to get children. It helps improves activeness in people. Wearing a belt has a similar effect.

Anklets (Payal)


The reason behind wearing anklets is that, the wave emitted by the silver ornaments protect woman from the distressing assaults from the heel region. Divine Principle is attracted to the sound of the small bells attached to the payal(Anklets). Anklets improve the womb, reproductive system, stomach, liver, and the feet.

Toe rings


Toe rings means-rings in the fingers of the toe. Ring in the thumb of the foot improves digestion (for acidity), makes the person active, and helps in meditation (the ring is worn by twirling it around the thumb 3 times, the ring should not be connected into a full circle) Ring in the middle finger of the foot: it’s improves the sexual powers in women and increases their interest in household work. This is why it is worn only after marriage. It’s usually made of silver. It also reduces the bad effects of Mars. There is also a belief that the wearing of toe rings press on certain nerves that pertain to the reproductive system, keeping it in balance and healthy. By wearing Toe rings in both feet, the menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals.

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But the effect of these metals may not be same for all people so people suffering from raise and drops of mood or having regular nervous disorders should remember that metal jewellery may even aggravate the problems. Specialists recommend such people not to wear too much chains or bracelets on such bad days.






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