Rarest Scene- See These Rare Photos You Will Pause For A Few Moments!-

PIC BY ELANA ERASMUS/ CATERS .Well, you would have noticed several fights between snakes and Mongoose, and after that snake become the victim and hunted by mongoose. But this time something different happens that will not only surprise you, but you will stay for a while when you watch this.

Mongoose-1-640x400Yes! This is not a common looking hunting in fact in many ways this hunting is special and rare.

Mongoose-2-Copy-640x400According to a story published in the Daily Mail, who so ever watched this scene of the incident at national park in Namibia, they stopped for a while.
Mongoose-3-640x400These rare and live pictures are captured in a camera at national park in Windhoek (Namibia), where a Mongoose hunts a dangerous snake.
Mongoose-4-Copy-640x400The snake belongs to boomslang species and is very poisonous. When boomslang snake bites a man his death can occur in a few moments. But the manner in which mongoose hunted this dangerous snake made everyone to think who was watching them.
Mongoose-5-560x400According to news the boomslang was resting on a tree in Namibia’s Etosha National Park.
Suddenly a mongoose reached near this snake.
According to Daily Mail mongoose in a short while attacked on the snake. After mongoose attack snake tried to shake off the mongoose but could not succeed. The dramatic encounter was captured by South African photographer Elena Erasmus. She said: ‘We were on our way back to camp after the morning’s photography session when our guide spotted a slender mongoose attacking a boomslang in a tree next to road. We realized immediately that this was a very special sighting’. You will be shocked to learn that the snake had tried to protect himself, but mongoose failed all his attempts. Well anyway who sees the event pictures they paused.

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