Palace Made Inside The Well, Secret Ways Are Made Up of Stones

Baramotichi Vihir is an ancient 110 feet deep well. The diameter of this well is 50 foot. This building was built in between 1641 to 1646 by Shrimant Virubhai Bhosale. Special thing about this well is the palace that is built above and inside the well. Many of the palace’s secret way connect Palace from wells, which are made from stone. 12 canals or streams originate from this well that provides water to the garden beside it. The name of this well has been originated from the names of these 12 streams.

Where is the well located –

The well is, located near limb village in Satara district. The well is octagonal. It appears like Shivling. It is said that the water of this well never dried. Many ancient wooden doors are still there in the Palace built on well.

Craftsmanship during the period of Shivaji-

There are 4 pillars in the palace built inside the well. These pillars have craftsmanship during the period of Shivaji. Many walls of this palace are carved with the Lion. The craft of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman also exists here.

5Throne is made of Stone:-
Inside this palace, a throne is there that is made of stones. It is said that the king sits here and meet the people. The structure of this palace is so well designed that it remains cool in summer and warm in cold days.
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