Pakistani Man Against His Nation’s Double Standards On Beauty

combine_images11One of these pictures of a half-naked human being is an honor of the country while the other one brings disgrace and shame on Pakistan. You want to guess which is which?The first picture is of a common Pakistani from Peshawar won Arnold Classic competition. You can see a wide range of emotions on the face of this bodybuilder who is being congratulated by none other than Schwarzenegger.

The second picture is of a winner of Ms. Pakistan world pageant. You can see she feels really proud for winning this competition in 2015 and being the runner up this year. It is a tough competition and the winner is selected based on various criteria.

I am appalled at the disgusting, hypocritical, and dual standards of most of Pakistanis here. On one side, a human being in nothing but a skimpy underwear is celebrated and congratulated. On the other, another human being is being called a slut, being abused and shamed. The only difference between these two: one has a p*nis whereas the other one does not.







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