OMG Russian Family Dinner With a 300lb BEAR at The Table

300lb BEARHe really is a big softie! Members of the family members who discuss their lifestyles with a 300lb BEAR (who even rests while dining for dinner), Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko implemented the bear known as Stepan when he was older just three months
Today the big mammal is 23 decades of age, is a huge 300lb and appears at a size of more than 7ft
Couple say Stepan is so trained he hugs up to them in the night and timepieces TV on the sofa
The bear even allows out by irrigating the blossoms but consumes a significant 25kg of seafood, vegetables and egg a day

300lb BEAR1

300lb BEAR2

300lb BEAR3

300lb BEAR4

300lb BEAR5

300lb BEAR6

300lb BEAR7

300lb BEAR8

300lb BEAR9

300lb BEAR10



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