Mysterious 2 Metre Long Creature With Dragon Like Appearance




A strange skeleton (skeleton of a mysterious organism) which measures in at just over two metres was spotted by a woman at Waitarere Beach, north of Wellington, New Zealand. It is still not known about the skeleton of which mysterious creature.

Maria sent several pictures to the Museum…

The name of the woman who spotted the skeleton is Maria Lombard. The skeleton has a strange texture. It’s head looks like Dragon and body like a snake. Initially Maria thought this mysterious skeleton could belong to an eel fish. Well to find out the truth of this mysterious sea creature several photos are sent by Maria to the Museum Te Papa of New Zealand.

People compared this skeleton with smooth skate

On the other hand, some people are advising that the skeleton remains were that of a smooth skate. Smooth skate is also known as prickly skate. This unique organism is found in the North-West Atlantic Ocean. Normally its length is from 57cm to 61cm and it stays alive up to 24 years. The smooth skate is capable of diving up to 1,200 metres under water.





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