Mother’s Helping to Their Daughters During Childbirth




A woman giving birth to a baby naturally- goes through the process of labor, delivery and postpartum and during this process she experiences the worst pain of her life. But with sufficient support and preparation, she can experience the satisfaction of giving birth to a baby naturally. In labor room every expecting mother needs her mom. So, that she can lean on her mother for support, strength and assistance and focus on her baby who is about to be in her arms. Photos of heartbreaking, touching, painful laboring daughters with their moms during childbirth experience. These photos come from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and they captured every moment from labor, delivery and postpartum. These photos are shared to make this special day called ‘mother’s day’ more special. There is some warning too before watching these pictures some of these images may be considered NSFW.

She was showing so much concern for her laboring daughter. It was incredibly touching and had me tearing up.” (Image credits: Vivien Stembridge)


A special moment between new mom and new grandma — grandma was telling her how proud of her she was.” (Image credits: Jo Price Photography)


When the surprise announcement of the baby’s gender was exclaimed by the doctor, everyone jumped up and down cheering ‘It’s a boy!’ and this mother wept and looked toward her daughter, also a mother — now of a son, with the most adoration and love possible.” (Image credits: Marcy Harris Photos)


The mother (grandmother) supports her daughter as she begins to push.” (Image credits: Monet Nicole)


This woman is a single mom by choice (her baby has a donor-dad), and her 81-year-old mother stood by her throughout the whole process, from becoming pregnant until childbirth. This is their ultimate moment.” (Image credits: Lobke Koppens Geboortefotografie)


You could feel the love in the room!” (Image credits: Fermont Fotografie)


Image credits: Lori Martinez Photography


Image credits: Vanessa Huey


This photo is post birth and grandma is cradling her daughter in a very tender moment between the two.” (Image credits: Meghan Hale Photography)

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The mother of the laboring woman flew last minute to make the birth. She got there during transition and quickly went to support her daughter. The most amazing and special part of this story is that the mother birthed her daughter at home 30 years prior.” (Image credits: Samantha Noel Photography)


Three generations of strong women.” (Image credits: Little Wonders Photography)


Pure joy.” (Image credits: Nicci Brooks Photography)


First time mother and first time grandmother. Very strong, beautiful and pure expression of proudness.” (Image credits: An Van Eycken)


This one brings tears to my eyes. Such a loving mom and dad!” (Image credits: Dianne Hamre)


Her mother traveled from out of town, and stayed for weeks, awaiting the birth of her first grandchild. She was there supporting her daughter throughout all of her labor, birth, and postpartum. It was so beautiful to see a mother be able to care for her daughter in such a new and amazing time.” (Image credits: Ashley Heppermann Photography)


Image credits: Liz Cook


After all the strength and endurance she gave to her daughter while she labored all night long, it was all over. She falls back and completely lets go and is overcome with emotion. And I can hardly keep my camera still.” (Image credits: Ashley Marston Photography)


A mother’s love mirrored by her daughter’s strength.” (Image credits: Light the Way Doula Services)


This mother is holding her daughter as she holds her new baby for the very first time.” (Image credits: Light Of Mine Photography/Heather Yerden)

mothers-help-daughters-give-birth-photography-21Three generations of strong women.” (Image credits: Little Wonders Photography)

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