Most Dangerous Road in India, Which Always Dares You




What you know about your grip on Indian road. If you think you are good in this then think about it again. There are lots of road where you really scare to drive no matter how good you in this. These are the hell roads which makes you so nervous. You can’t be sloppy even a little bit.

1-Zoji La Pass

Zoji La Pass Road
At the height of 11,575 ft there is an important mountain pass name Zoji La connecting Ladakh and Kashmir. It is strip rock road which is 9 kilometer long. High wind and heavy snowfall make it impassable during this period so it remains closed. From the edge of mountain it looks like thin line. Before trying your driving skill this road needs your all attention.

2-Neral-Matheran Road

Neral-Matheran RoadNeral-Matheran Road is located in Raigad, Maharastra.This is almost 9 km long very smooth and quality road where you want to speed yourself but you can’t because it is very narrow and have hairpin turns and curves. Better you book taxi besides drive yourself if you are new on this road.

3- National Highway 22

National Highway 22National highway 22 is known as death trail. It is almost 460 km long and has narrow and dangerous tunnels, cliffs, bridges and bad conditions. Heavy traffic makes it more difficult. It connect Ambala, Haryana to Khab,Tibet.

4-Chang La

Chang LaThe Chang La is also located in Ladakh and maintained by Indian army. At the height of 17590 ft from sea label it is third highest motorable road in the world. Its chill and less oxygen atmosphere gives attitude to the passengers. But it’s incredible views it always attracts drivers to come here.

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5-Leh-Manali Highway

Leh-Manali HighwayIt is a high mountain lane which is 480 km long. Due to unfavorable weather condition and long no civilized area makes drive very difficult. You have to carry extra fuel otherwise you may get problem.

6-Munnar Road

Munnar RoadMunnar road is known for its sharply windy condition and the aroma of tea. It also has many sharp twisty turns, high slops and curves which make it dangerous too.

7-Three level Zig Zag Road

Three level Zig Zag RoadWith the most scenic view, this road is located in Sikkim. It is located on 11500 ft of sea level height and gives a very good look of Himalaya crown. It is a spiral way with sharps turns which gives you dizziness. But it gives a really good experience of natural beauty.

8-Khardung La Pass

Khardung La PassKhardung la pass situated at 18380 ft from sea level in Ladakh, is most attractive pathway for cyclist. It is maintained by Indian army. It remains closed almost for half of year due to very harsh weather and snow. It’s sharp curve and hairpin turns gives challenges to even most experienced drivers.

9- Kishtwar-Kailash Road

Kishtwar-Kailash RoadThis one lane road has 2000 ft drop and hanging rocks ready to fall. Kishtwar-Kailash Road is one of the deadliest roads in the world. One nasty move and you will go down on your end.

10-Rajmachi Road

Rajmachi RoadIn the Sahyadris we have to ride on a dusty gravel road to go to Rajmachi fort. It is very hard to ride during rainy season. Its sloppy slippery nature makes it very difficult for riders.

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11-Kinnaur Road

Kinnaur RoadKinnaur road build by many hill cut. The road is crisscrossing rivers many times. At many places it has dangerous cliff. Especially at the Taranda ‘dhank’ cliff, the curve can be claim a vertical drop in Satluj river. So you must be extra careful at the point.

12- Nathu La Pass

Nathu La PassIt connects Indian state (Sikkim) to China. It is a mountain lane in Himalaya region. It is a one of highest motorable lane. Due to heavy snowfall it remains closed almost for half year. Its unfamiliar weather makes the driveway very hard.

13- Valparai Tirupati ghat

Valparai Tirupati ghatThis is a spiral one way for the richest and most crowded temple of India. The turns are sharp so be careful while driving here.

14-Gata Loops

Gata LoopsIt is on the Manali – Leh highway. There is many hairpin bend in this road can damage your vehicle. People say this is hunted by a poor soul who died here due to cold hunger and thirst during snowfall. The villagers make a small temple for him on his buried place. Travelers offer water on this place for the peace of his soul.

15- Pune-Mumbai Expressway

Pune-Mumbai ExpresswayIt is India’s first 6 lane highway. It is smooth and fast and that’s why it is most accidental road of India too. Driver drive very fast and roughly and that results in more accident.


Killar-Kishtawar1Actually there is no proper road for very long distance. It is very narrow and really a cliff along with river. It can take you in a sec if you are not careful much.

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