Incredible Underwater Photography By Terry Steeley




Underwater photography newbie bags gold medal for incredible pictures

Terry Steeley, a relative newbie to taking pictures of life under the ocean’s waves, has won a global competition held by a professional website specializing in underwater camerawork,

46-year-old Terry took one of his first underwater snaps of a shark emerging from the ocean three years ago. It was this photo that helped Terry win the gold medal.

(Photos from Daily Mail)


Along with Terry’s award-winning photos, more than 6,000 stunning pictures were entered in the contest, covering 17 categories.

Tal Mor, the organizer of the contest, said “Terry’s images stood out in multiple categories from Wide Angle to Macro and even fashion shots. His portfolio is diverse and impressive and we are proud to be presenting his images.”

Check out Terry’s award-wining works and other contestants’ amazing photos!






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