Incredible! The Passion for Yoga on a New Level Going Viral

This girl from Mumbai has surprised everyone by doing yoga postures at unbelievable places. These pictures are getting viral on social media

If you’re fond of singing then you can meet this hobby anywhere while you are walking, travel, bathing, shopping etc. but if your hobby is Yoga, then? Of course, you can’t do yoga everywhere. But this girl is so fond of yoga that she started doing yoga anywhere whenever she wants to do……
When she first enters the metro train… she started doing yoga there…
She liked the gate of this house and she even began there….
Yoga experts can’t perform yoga at such places…
Yoga2She is a dancer and Yoga instructor with immense energy, lives in Mumbai and is named Natasha Noel. And nowadays she is becoming popular due to her Instagram pictures. Natasha is well-liked on Instagram photos.
She prefers open fields and even restaurants. As long as the food is served, she spends time with doing yoga
There are two important things in these pictures- firstly, whatever yoga postures she does in these pictures, they do not appear boring in any way. You can say this as Natasha’s style or her toned body. As a result, these pictures appear full of energy. Anyone can be motivated to yoga by seeing these spectacular photographs.


Natasha performing ashtavakrasan, chamatkarasan

And secondly, she started doing yoga whenever she likes, whether it is a restaurants or airplanes, departmental store or the train, no one can become a barrier between her yoga postures. Her love for yoga is viral on social media

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See some more pictures:-
No hesitation even in airplane
Here this railing is used as Yoga Mat
Yoga can also be done while shopping
Natasha liked door for yoga
So what fans is here! Yoga can be here
Yoga, also in the filled market
The window of the House is also good place
Ever used the stairs for Yoga?
You can do yoga anywhere, just be careful…




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