How to Lose Weight Without Doing Any Exercise

Without doing workout reduce you weightFitness depends on balanced diet. Metabolism is responsible for your weight gain or weight loses. This metabolism not only provides energy to your body but also burns calorie. Eating full stomach at one time decreases the speed of metabolism’s work.

Proper diet –

Food is necessary part of the body. The body is weakened without it. To maintain energy in our body we should consume fiber enriched foods. Eat food rich in protein and intake of carbohydrates should be reduced because it increases muscles and also to digest this, function of metabolism decreases and as a result Obesity increases.

The right amount of water

The right amount of water is necessary for the body. Lack of water results in dehydration and slows the metabolism process. Kidneys purify the body and dehydration directly affects the kidneys. Fat deposits in the body due to less intake of drinking water.

Eat food -rich in vitamin D

Eating food rich in vitamin D can burn extra calories that are stored in the body. Vitamin D is helpful in proper functioning of metabolism that is why dairy products and the sun rays are good sources of vitamin D.

Eat Spicy food and drink green tee -it is profitable

The metabolism of your body work with double speed when you consume spicy foods and fat is not accumulated. Also, drinking green tea twice a day can also helps in reducing your weight. The anti-oxidant and catechins element in it increases the metabolism rate.  Flax seeds are also good sources of alpha-linolenic acid and fatty acids that burn calories.

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Stay away from sweet, take complete sleep

Sweet increases weight faster because by eating sweet body’s metabolism work very slow. Apart from this lack of sleep increases weight. The body is relaxed when you sleep for 7-8 hours and metabolism rate also works properly so that the necessary nutrients are absorbed by the body.
reduce your weight- Adopt balanced diet



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