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Hair Growth Oil



If you are tired of falling hair or have frequent falls of hair and want to grow hair again, then this oil will be extremely beneficial for you. It will hide the visibility of your hair scalp due to falling hair and thickness of your hair will also come back. Want to know about the oil and how it is prepared..

To make this precious and useful oil you will need 5 things that can be easily available. 5 things to know:

1.Garlic buds- 6-7 pieces
2.Fresh sliced Amla – 2 to 3
3.Chopped onion – 1 small
4.Castor oil – 3 tablespoon
5.Coconut oil – 4 tablespoon

You can easily prepare this oil by mixing all these 5 things. But how to prepare this oil-


Firstly, mix the Castor oil and coconut oil in a bowl. Now add chopped garlic, onion and Amla in this mixture and cook the mixture for about 5 minutes on low flame. Now remove from heat and leave all these things in oil for at least 1 hour. Your oil is ready now.

When you use this oil regularly on hair, hair loss will be lesser and new hair will cover the skin of your head which appear due to falling hairs. Also this oil will prove extremely beneficial to increase the thickness of the hair.



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