Fitness Of Her Body Ruined Her Married Life

FotorCreated11-700x400Make drastic changes in her body…. this woman told how her married life ruined after she fits her body.
36 years old Angela Crickmore is from London. Due to heavy weight she was facing numerous difficulties in her life.
During School days she was quite slim but with passing time she started gaining weight. To reduce her weight, she decided to cross all limits.
lady1-700x400Initially she has no problem regarding her weight despite of thousands of friend told her about this but she gave no attention to it. She and her husband believed that she is perfect.

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Wife and husband were having a happy life and everything was going fine. Surprisingly one day a friend came who had significantly reduced her weight. After seeing her Angela felt that if she can do it, why can’t I.


After that she began to work on it and tried all tips to lose weight. Due to the heavy weight in the beginning she never went to gym but started jogging in the Park. Her husband used to drop there.

8 months later she felt that she is ready to go to the gym but her diet had changed so much that her husband and son felt very uncomfortable and husband stopped to drop her for jogging.

Then her life changed drastically, she was quite slim and fit, and now her desire also changed. Now she began to enjoy hiking, camping and traveling. She started enjoying, meeting new people.

Due to these changes she didn’t realize when negative effects started ruining her life. Because of her changing preferences the relationship between wife and husband ruined.

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It’s horrible effect was that both decided to end their nine years relationship but still Angela is quite happy with her life and she wants to reach her destination.
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