First Straw Art Festival Started In China


China is well known for – Creativity

Chinese straw art has been popular in East Asia, where the inhabitants were also engaged in the cultivation of a variety of cereals, rice grain, wheat etc. Nowadays people of china also belief in the divine power of grains and straw. Straw symbolizes purity, glory, the sun’s energy, knowledge, abundance, happiness and fertility.


Straw sculptures are seen in Northeast China’s Liaoning province during the First Straw Art Festival of Panjin City on Dec 26, 2015. The First Straw Art Festival of Panjin City recently opened in Northeast China’s Liaoning province. Life-like straw sculptures were seen everywhere. Panjin boasts roughly 1,133 square kilometers of rice field, creating a large amount of straw after each harvest.

At first, some of these people get panicked after watching some sculptures.

The images you are watching are made from straw.

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