Expect Too Much From Someone, Is The Direct Path to Disappointment??

Expect too much from someone.2Learned not want the way you wanted … Waiting too long for someone, is the direct path to disappointment. I knew it … I knew and still I took a chance. I guess I hoped that this time was different. I guess just wanted to get rid of fears and give the best of me, as it seemed that also wanted to do with me at first. That big mistake. Now I look at photographs and result me a stranger, someone who apparently never really met. The attention you brindabas me made ​​me believe that you really cared you know? I thought stupidly that your words were sincere and that you were interested in me, in us. But as always, I forgot that not all people are free and have good intentions. He loved the way it made ​​me feel and how you treated me. Small details, walk hand in hand and how much cuidabas me, like a fragile treasure it were. Messages, calls, words of encouragement and those tender nicknames. I loved denoting pride when they saw your face together and the effort you made ​​to see each other at least on weekends. Kisses, caresses, the eyes. He loved the way you are with me and loved the way I was being next to you. What else can I say? I got excited … I really gave this, the idea that you were in my life because you wanted to keep me in yours. And that is perhaps what most detest … have fallen into this game, having given so much of myself to someone whose intentions were not honest. Each I analyze what happened, I can not find a real reason you’ve away as you did, so you’d stop looking for me and then say it no longer had interest in me. I did everything to fix it , to show that we could move forward. I really did my best, I swear I did and you change you mind in so little did I was not enough for you? Have at least the courage to tell me. But instead I just get your silence, your indifference. You never said goodbye and left the door open. And I got the lesson not to give people with a mouth full of promises but with a completely empty chest. I learned not to stay with doubts and never accept less than I know I deserve. And I learned to no longer want the way you wanted, because it’s what hurts so much … and ultimately not worth it.Source=taringa.net

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Expect too much from someone.3

Expect too much from someone.4

Expect too much from someone.5

Expect too much from someone.6

Expect too much from someone.7

Expect too much from someone.8

Expect too much from someone1



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