Devotees Flock to Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela for the Holy Dip

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela1The much awaited Simhastha Kumbhmela is witnessing a sea of devotees in Ujjain to take part in the snan. Devotees from across the world take “Shahi Snan” on the occasion. It has been said that more than 30 lakh people had reached the city for the second snan at Shipra river.

People across the country have thronged to the holy for the Simhastha mela, which is being held after a gap of 12 years. The second ‘Shahi Snan’ of Simhastha Kumbh mela started on Monday with a sage of Juna Akhara dived into the blessed Shipra stream droning Har Har Mahadev. Ramghat where the devotees have assembled has been decked up for the holy dip where the pilgrims since predawn to 12 noon will take holy dip. Arrangements have been made for all devotes and pilgrims who will take bath one after another along the banks of Shipra river.

Pilot Baba also reached Ujjain Simhastha along with his disciple for the “Shahi Snan”.Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela9

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela2

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela3

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela4

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela5

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela6

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela7

Ujjain Simhastha Khumb Mela8



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