Coming soon ‘Knowledge Engine’ of Wikipedia to Compete Google Search

To compete with Google Search Wikipedia is bringing its Knowledge Engine. Currently in the world of Internet Search Google is the only King, but now to compete with Google, Wikipedia is coming forward. This search engine will search the contents related to Wikipedia and related websites.

Advertisement free Search Engine-

One of the most important features of Wikipedia knowledge engine is that, this search engine is ad free. The user can search the source of content in just one click and can share this among his friends on social sites. Apart from Google this search engine of Wikipedia will be going to compete with Microsoft Bing. To create this new search engine John S. and James L. Knight Foundation from America have provided financial help of 2.5 million dollars (about 1.7 million rupees) to Wikimedia Foundation.

In Wikipedia Knowledge- care of Privacy

According to Wikipedia for knowledge engine the most important thing that matters will be user’s privacy. Apart from that, what content user is searching on this search engine will not be shared with advertisers. Not only that, but also to keep the knowledge engine free from ad service has being considered. Any content on this website not ad, will be displayed according to popularity and reliability of the website.

Using Google Picasa- Beware, must read this information

Confidential information-

From where this content is available on search engine, who uploaded and when and how trustworthy the content is, all this information will be made available with the result of your search. In the search box when the user search the content with the word related to the content, the search box will get all the related word on the screen.

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Emphasis on Social Networking-

Knowledge engine to make this site more interesting will link it with Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social networking sites. By doing this the user will be able to share content on the sites.



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