Color Of Water at Juhu Beach-Blue Neon Light


For the first time at the Juhu Beach appeared neon blue water. Earlier this type of unique scene was seen in Lakshadweep.
Mumbai city, in India also known as City of Dreams. It is also said that this city never sleeps. Not only this, Mumbai is famous for other uniqueness too. But Mumbai’s famous Juhu Beach in India is now becoming famous for some special thing. By night the color of water at Juhu Beach, Mumbai becomes neon blue means bright blue color. Let me tell you it’s going to surprise most people and is seen by this Thursday. Neon blue color of water looks very attractive. This type of view had never seen before on the beaches of Mumbai.
While, this phenomenon has been seen before in many parts of the world, it is the first time that Mumbai is witnessing it. The local people are very happy because of this view is being observed. This phenomenon is popularly known as bioluminescence.

Abir Jain (20) and Nilesh Mane (22) both from zoology (B.Sc), third year student got this information from one of his friend. Nilesh Mane attempted to capture the sight, and claimed that it was quite a difficult task as it was not possible to spot the glow from the road due to the lights. Hence, they had to move towards the Danda side, which was dark and they could see the bioluminescence clearly.




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