Cheapest DIY Homemade AC Below The Cost of INR-1000(18$)

Homemade Air Conditioner11

Here comes summer season. Fan is not enough for this summer season. We need comfort of AC but don’t have any budget. No need to worry; here we are telling you how to make a homemade AC in easy ways. This process consists of 6 steps…..

Things that are required to make this AC at home –

1- Plastic bucket with cover (Rs100- 150) (you can use the paint bucket too.)

2-Small fan (Rs 300-400)

3- Thick plastic pipe or shallot pipe (Rs 100)

4- Sharp knife for cutting (Rs 100)

5-Duct tape for pasting (Rs 25 -30)

6-Dry ice (70 -80 Rs per/kg)


Step -1

Cheapest DIY Homemade AC1

– First of all take the plastic bucket

-Put the fan on its cover and mark it with a marker, cut it carefully.

– —————————————————-

Step- 2
Cheapest DIY Homemade AC2

-now remove the cover and paste two duct tapes from inside.

– paste the tape in such a way that its glue side is towards upper side.

-by doing this fan will easily stick with the bucket’s cover.


Step- 3
Cheapest DIY Homemade AC3

– Now put the cover on bucket and keep the fan on the cut part of cover (fan will stick with the inside tape and will not fall in the bucket.)

-with the help of tape stick the fan from upward side also.


Step- 4

Cheapest DIY Homemade AC4

– After pasting the fan, make 3 holes in bucket

– Hole must be big so that pipes can fit in them

– For making perfect holes for pipes you may need drill

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– if you don’t have drill machine you can make holes with the help of hot knife.

– —————————————————-

Step- 5


-Now cut the pipe in 3 equal sizes

– put these pipes in hole made in bucket and paste it from inside and outside


Step- 6

Cheapest DIY Homemade AC5

– Now fill the bucket with dry ice and put the cover on top

– Pack the room as you do before you run the AC.

– Just plug the fan and switch on the button. And shortly your room will be cool.



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