Boiling Water Mysterious River Founded in America


Boiling water mysterious river is so hot, that death is fixed on falling. Earlier, people used to say that this type of river could not be possible…..

Photos of boiling water mysterious river have been captured in the Amazon basin of South America. Any creature falls in this river gets boiled and it can be the death of the person who tries to enter in this river.

The length of this river is 6.4 kilometers, width 82 feet and depth up to 20 feet. The interesting thing is that after listening to the story of his grandfather, a young man discovered the river. After discovering this river in 2011 PhD student Andres Ruzo has written a book on it. But when he went out to explore this river, several academicians said “There is no such river”. Academician believed that in this area there is no active volcano, so there is no question of boiling Water River. Andres unveiled in his book that how water starts boiling due to hot spring. There are ancient stories about this river in Peru. However when Andres first heard about it, he found that the existence of this river is not possible. He is studying Geophysics in Southern Methodist University. He told ‘The water is so hot that you can directly make tea. You will feel burning sensation when you put your hand in this river for half a second. It can lead to easy death after falling’.
river3 river4 river5 River2



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