Black Eggs of Owakudani,Japan – Prolong One’s Life by Seven Year

Have you ever seen when you hard-boiled white eggs in the hot springs, the boiled eggs turn black. Yes! We’re not joking , but it’s true !!!

Owakudani is the area around a crater created during the last eruption of Mount Hakone some
3000 years ago. Owakudani is a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs.

The explosion was so powerful that the area is still active with boiling pools of water and huge vents that expel steam and volcanic fumes of sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

Consuming the eggs is said to increase longevity. Eating one is said to add seven years to your life.

Let me tell you that the view from inside the eggs is just like normal eggs.

White eggs are cooked in the naturally hot water for one hour.

The shells of white eggs turn black by the sulphur.

After that hot boiled eggs are served in nearby shops.

You will be stunned to know that people come from far away to eat.

Apart from this these eggs are also sold in many shops around town.

Eggs are constantly cooked in large batches in the waters of a spring located on top of a hill. They’re loaded onto large metal crates and plunged into the 80˚C spring water for about an hour. Then they’re steamed at 100˚C for 15 minutes. They come out perfectly black, with the insides still white and yellow like a regular boiled egg.










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