Bhajans – A Fine Blend of Melody and Devotion

Bhajan in Sanskrit means singing to glorify God and it is also the name of a Hindu genre comprising of devotional songs and hymns. It is the greatest forms of worship that are sung to show our love and gratitude towards the God. Bhajans are usually lyrical and are sung to remove negativity from mind and fill our heart with utmost peace and contentment. With lively melodies and repeating choruses, bhajans are easy to sing and tend to appeal to the masses. It elevates mood and helps to create inner equilibrium. Usually sung by groups, bhajans themes usually have tales of Gods like Rama, Krishna, Shiva along with stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Bhajan singing praising Lord is an age-old sacred tradition that allows to move along the path of becoming one with the divine. Singing bhajan is the most peaceful and satisfying act, as there is a direct connection between Divinity and musical vibrations. When we sing for God there is all-together different feeling, as devotional songs cleanses the atmosphere and fills the place with immense positive energy. The simple melodious lyrics and ragas create same effect as meditation and imparts utmost peace and serenity of mind. The positive vibrations of bhajans help in relieving anxiety and act as an antidepressant and make us more analytical and attentive.

Bhajans that are usually sung in gatherings help scattered minds unite through music, and meditation and allow us experience a higher state of consciousness. Whether we are listing to soulful bhajans or singing, it brings clarity in our mind and help in focusing. The chants in bhajans take us beyond lyrics and music and help us discover our inner self. It has been proved through research that listening to bhajans activates our brain and increases the cell activity that releases feel good hormone. Due to some amazing soothing and calming effects, bhajans are mostly played and sung in the morning to have its effects all through the day. Bhajans also greatly help in eliminating ego from ourselves and aid in developing many good human qualities, thereby considerably transforming our personality.

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Bhajans are regarded as highly sacred and singing them even makes the heat sacred, though these bhajans should be sung from the heart. These devotional songs are not just tune, beat, rhythm singing God’s name with love but these allow us to discover the manifestation of Divinity with our physical eyes. In order to have best implications of bhajans we simply need to merge with the sounds, float on its waves to experience a sense of contentment and meditation.



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