Beautiful Anklets – For Positive Energy


Jewellery has been the most articulate way of conveying beauty of oneself by the women since
ages. According to the spiritual science, the ornaments worn above the waist are made of Gold, whereas,

Those worn below the waist are made of Silver. The ornaments worn on the feet are made of silver…

Do you know the reason

The reason behind this is the wave emitted by the silver ornaments protect woman from the distressing assaults from the hell region.

  • A flow of Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) is attracted to the
  • Waves of Chaitanya revolve around the payal in an activated form.
  • Divine Energy (Shakti) is attracted to the payal.
  • With the help of the flow of Chaitanya, these waves of Shakti revolve around the payal in an activated form.
  • Divine Principle is attracted to the sound of the small bells attached to the payal.




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