Amazing Restaurant Inside a Cave Opens in China

Amazing restaurant inside a cave opens in China
Is dining inside a cave on your bucket list? Maybe it should be if a new Chinese restaurant has its way.
Located in the city of Chenzhou in south China’s Hunan Province, a newly-opened restaurant is giving customers a unique experience dining in a cave. Some natural features such as stalactites and streams can be found as “decoration” for diners to enjoy while they eat their food.
The cave is so big it can provide a feast for the largest of parties during holiday times and some 600 people have visited the restaurant every day over the last weekend alone, according to Lei Qiangfeng, the owner of the restaurant. The cave used to be his hangout spot back in his childhood. Lei said he has put into a lot of time and effort to make it a better dining place in terms of safety and conservation.
China’s restaurant market is highly competitive and there has been an abundant number of restaurants in different styles springing up over the past few years.
Some locations have embraced the cuisine’s traditions such as building restaurants inside a Mongolian yurt or black-awning boats, also known as “Wupeng boats” in Mandarin, which can only be found in east China’s Shaoxing city. While other restaurants have tried to lure customers with a more quirky approach such as a toilet themed restaurant.
Whether dining in a cave or eating while sitting on a toilet is your thing, there is little doubt that China’s restaurateurs will continue to push the boundaries to be more

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