Amazing Children’s Childhood Photo Session Captured By Their Mother




She is not a professional photographer but a teacher in a secondary school in Poland. As a teenager or as an adult she admits that she was not creative. But her first DSLR changed her life. She discovered herself and her interest after the birth of her two children Jacob and Barbara. During these phases she learned to sew, she clicked hundreds of thousands of photos of her kids since they were born.
She was searching for something unique in her photography. She created costumes by herself using cheapest fabric (except the shoes). Select location for photo shoots near her home (usually within 20 km). She gets this inspiration from the photographers around the world.
During photo session of 10 to 15 minutes she told a story or a tale to her children that makes them react naturally and pose perfectly. And now photography and sewing turned out to be her hobby. From her photography she receives a huge amount of energy and ideas for next pictures.


Childhood Photo Session1

Childhood Photo Session2

Childhood Photo Session3

Childhood Photo Session4

Childhood Photo Session5

Childhood Photo Session6

Childhood Photo Session7

Childhood Photo Session8

Childhood Photo Session9

Childhood Photo Session10

Childhood Photo Session11




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