Amazing Chalkboard Drawings By Taiwan’s Based Teacher Chung Chuan-Bin




The chalkboard drawings of this teacher from Taiwan will blow your mind
If you think memorizing the names, shapes and characteristics of every artery, vein and muscle of the human body is a daunting task, wait until you see what this teacher from Taiwan does with human anatomy.
Chung Chuan-Bin is a lecturer on visual design at a Kaohsiung university, and he has got netizens head over heels with his lifelike anatomy drawings, using only chalks, a blackboard and a piercing eye for details.
He was shot to online stardom after a series of videos emerged on YouTube of him in class neatly working out human skeletons, torsos and muscular layers of the face.
Netizens have been flocking to his account on social media asking him to transfer to medical school.
Chung said on his Facebook page that studying artistic anatomy is just like mathematics: “the key is to solve the equation one step after another”.

(Pictures from Chung Chuan-Bin’s Facebook)
Amazing Chalkboard Drawings1

Amazing Chalkboard Drawings2

Amazing Chalkboard Drawings3

Amazing Chalkboard Drawings4

Amazing Chalkboard Drawings5

Amazing Chalkboard Drawings6

Amazing Chalkboard Drawings7



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