Alert Calls Given By The Himalayan Bulbul Before Earthquake


This special bird Bulbul found in Himalayan region that gives alert calls long before the earthquake when vibration starts in the earth. This vibration takes 30-35 seconds to arrive on the rocky ground and on common ground it takes 10-15 days, while this vibration is not even realized by the common people.

Zoological Survey of India has completed first detailed research on Himalayan Bulbul. This bulbul is found only in the Himalayas and their homes are in the lower and middle Himalayan region. This bulbul lives below the snow line. This bird not only gives alert calls but also a key component of Himalaya’s ecosystem. Himalayan bulbul eats roots and fruits. Seeds of trees and herbs are spread far away through its potty. When the risk of earthquake or any disaster increases, discomfort of bulbul also grows fast.

It produces two types of alert calls. The first and smallest alert call it shows that this call is coming from where, the frequency and the pitch of bigger alert call shows that there is a call but doesn’t know from where it is coming. According to scientists, whenever suspicious circumstances seems it begun to give alert calls. The most interesting are its singing call. Local people called this bird as Himalayan Singer.

The brain of Himalayan bulbul is more developed that increases its sensitivity. If the person understands the alert calls, he can anticipate the risk. Also gives alert calls in suspicious conditions.

Dr. Sunil Kumar, Senior Bird’s sound Specialist

The time taken by Seismic waves to come out is different at different places. Halt of waves due to rocky ground results in delay response of waves, waves can occur anywhere before or one hour.

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DR. Sushil Kumar, senior Seismologist
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
Raza Shastri



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