A Miraculous Cave of Healing




People from far away come in this cave to treat many serious diseases. This cave is situated at Gastein, Austria.

The people of Gastein in Austria discovered something more valuable –‘naturally occurring low levels of radon gas’, when they started exploring the nearby Radhausberg Mountain in search of gold. In time, they realized that the radioactive gas combined with the mountain caves’ high humidity and temperatures of up to 41.5° Celsius helped strengthen their immune system and cured some very serious illnesses.

Word about the Gastein Healing Caves spread like wild fire throughout all of Austria, Germany and other Central European countries, and today Gastein is known not only as a world-class skiing destination, but also as a miraculous place of healing with a mind-blowing success rate of 90%.

Most of the people who come here for radon treatment say a few sessions in the caves keep them pain-free for a whole year. Apparently, the radioactive gas is absorbed through the skin and lungs, activating the body at a cellular level and stimulating the self-healing process.

Research has shown the radon treatment at the Gastein Healing Caves is particularly beneficial to patients with musculoskeletal and joint disorders, as well as respiratory and skin diseases. Also, in 2000, Leipzig University studied a group of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. After six months of treatment at Gastein, their condition had improved greatly.

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