19 Feet Long Python – Alive Toy For 3 Year Old Children From His Father

The age at which parents keep their children away from insects. At that age Eric LeBlanc from California gave 19 feet long python to their children to play with. His three children are very happy to play with this alive toy as their toy is different from their friend’s toy. Three year old Erica, four year old Larry and seven year old Katie are not afraid of these dangerous animals. Sometimes they just tend to be a little angry during their game.

Not dog or cat lover…they love snakes

Eric’s choice is different from ordinary people’s choice. He is not fond of keeping pet animals like dogs or cats but he is snake lover. He says that snakes do not need to go to the doctor regularly, and neither do they need to go out. Their cost of living is less than that of dog or cat. Eric knows about the danger from python, but he also knows that they are quite calm mind. They need just the right care and respect. After that they will never harm.

Children are not afraid of snake’s bite

43-year-old Eric says that he was never afraid of leaving his children with these pets. A couple of times it happens that python bites his children. His son Larry when he was two-year-old was bitten on the forehead by Python. Once Eric’s nose was also damaged by python but still they love their pet animals. His children are growing up between them so that they become fearless from inside.
19 Feet Long Python

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