11 Year Old Footballer From India Could Be Next Messi

Chandan Nayak_11_Year_Old_Indian_Footballer
A month ago Chandan Nayak was a kid anymore. Today his name is associated with one of the teams most important football world and some anticipate that this boy of 11 years could be the next Messi. The young man has just been selected by the German club Bayern Munich next to 4 other future promises India to participate in a development program footballers in Germany. his story is the smallest of 4 brothers and lives with her ​​mother, holding her entire family by working as a maid because her father abandoned them when they were boys . Chandan feels a deep love for the ball from small. His idol is nothing more and nothing less than Lionel Messi and constantly see him wearing the shirt of Argentine star. the boy was recruited in a search conducted by an insurance company He is seeking talent school age and was selected over other 1000 participants for their extraordinary footballing skill



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